ABOUT US -Sometimes the Original Can't be Beat!

For years we have been keeping our fleet of PermaGreen™ Centri | Ultra running strong. The original Centri | Ultra spreader sprayer could be quirky but sometimes can do some jobs newer equipment can’t do as well. Take for instance the turning radius, it can turn on a dime so on smaller to the larger sized lawns it’s hard to do better. With the price for parts and a few welds it is hard to beat and, in our opinion, keeping your Centri | Ultra going is a better choice if you have the  PermaGreen™  spreader parts that do need replacing every so often. Over time we have had to replace wear items that sometimes are not available from the dealer or at a reasonable price.  As we also do the same work day in day out we are dedicated to finding high-quality replacement parts as we rile on these same replacement parts because we know the challenges our customers face keeping the applications going day in day out in the lawn application industry.   If you don't see the part your looking for drop us a line we may be able to help or we may be adding it soon.

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